Inner body awareness: A step by step guide

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This post helps you understand how to be aware of your inner body.  On the whole, you will be able to rest more, become calmer and heal faster.  Once you unite with this field, you will also learn how to access its wisdom.


What is the inner body?


Many systems and layers make up the bodies structure.  In short, these occur in you as physical or non-physical forms.

Most of the outer region of your body consists of skin, muscle and bone.  In addition to this, there are cells, fluids, tissues, organs and subtler parts such as thoughts.  Each of these amount to the physical layers of your body.

The non-physical part of you is your formless self that exists beneath all the outer layers.  In essence, this energy brings life to your body, where you feel the sensation of being alive.

The method of being still and tuning in to this feeling is aligning with the inner body.  It’s basically a term to describe the stream of life that runs within you.

To clarify the way this works, think of anything powered by an electric current.  Whenever you plug in a device such as a phone, watch it come to life and carry out its function.  In like manner, life energy brings an action to your mind, the body and every form it takes.

There is no limit to this energy due to its link with the space of awareness.  In reality, this is the source that sustains and instructs the processes of all life.  It extends to each of your cells and beyond.  The inner body and its practice act as a point of access to this wisdom.


The same life energy that runs the cosmos takes place in every cell of your body.

The same life energy that runs the cosmos takes place in every cell of your body.


What are the benefits of connecting with the inner body?


Once you join to your inner body, you become more open to experiencing life as one energy.  Furthermore, you realise that your body or any physical layer is only a small part of you.

There is a whole dimension of space and knowledge present within you.  For that reason, your entire being functions with little thought on your part.  When you believe that you are only your thoughts and body, you prevent access to this intelligence.  Joining with the inner body allows you to see past the outer shell of your being.

Just like your body, thoughts, emotions, and feelings play out on the surface.  However, they only make a small layer of your existence.  In contrast, the moment you realise your larger plane of being, you find inner strength.  To demonstrate this, imagine building a house on a base of loose sand.  Under those circumstances, it’s unlikely that it will stay standing for long.  Now, picture the same house built on a robust, deep foundation of concrete.

Having a strong foundation for a house is the same as having strong roots within.  Similarly, being aware of your inner body helps you to build an anchoring in all parts of your self.  On account of this, you develop firmness and an alert mind quickly.  No matter what happens in your life, nothing can ever take you over.

Being with this stillness also allows you to gain your own insight as well as ideas and inspiration.  At any rate, this is because you bind with the source of creation.


A strong grounding within your inner body is like an anchor that cannot be moved.

Strong awareness of your body keeps you grounded, and thoughts cannot shake you.


How does combining with your inner body help you heal?


Merging with your inner self does not exclude your mind and body.  As you continue to mature, these become more clear, healthier and in line with your purpose.

Take the case of natural healing, observe how each cell in your body needs attention and nutrients to survive.  Without awareness, the cells would soon go into a decline. To illustrate this, retake the example of the house.  What happens when the owner is not present for long periods?  You will see that all kinds of unwanted dirt and debris begin to build up.

After some time, the house starts to ruin and crumble.  In situations like that, it’s also common for unwanted guests to appear. On the other hand, when there is someone present in the house, it remains relatively clean.  Hence, there is less build-up of dirt and far less chance of any intruders.

With this in mind, the house is your body, and you are the occupier.  The intruders were illnesses, and dirt was the build-up of emotions.  As long as you are present within your body, you are wise to of all this activity. Therefore, you stop excess thought energy and toxins from building up in your cells.

On balance, this awareness creates space for your mind and body to heal.  Soon you become privy to ways of improving your life and health.


Being present in your body creates a foundation where nothing can affect you. 

Being present in your body creates a foundation where nothing can affect you.


How do you practice being aware of your inner body?


Following these steps will help you become more attentive to your inner body.  It’s important to realise that these are just pointers.  There is no need to follow anything rigidly.

  • Sit in a comfortable position or lie down.

It’s not necessary to sit or hold yourself in a rigid posture.  What’s most important is that you use the smallest amount of effort to maintain your body’s position.  To begin with, sit comfortably and relax into the surface where you are resting.  When you feel ready, you can close your eyes.

  • Keep your body as still as possible.

The act of keeping your body still allows your mind to become less noisy and more tuned into the practice. A steady body also informs the brain to slow down.

  • Be attentive to the breath.

Bring your attention to your breathing. Start by taking a deep breath in and let yourself relax as you breath out.  If you find it hard to focus on the breath, imagine a bright, healing light surrounding you.  Soon, you will be able to sense this easily.  As you take each breath in, visualise that you are breathing in this light.  At this time, allow it to fill your entire body.  Notice your chest cavity as it fills up with air and allow yourself to exhale naturally.  In this instance, you can let go of all effort to control any part of the breathing process.  That is to say, watching the breath happen without trying to change it becomes easy.

  • Feel the Subtle Sensations of your body.

As soon as your body begins to relax, you will sense light, subtle feelings.  These usually include mild tingling, as well as some tension, pains, heat, and cold in different regions. Watch the gentle electrical feeling of the nervous system in your limbs, torso and head.  At the same time, see if you can feel the energy that beats your heart.  Notice the blood move and flow from your heart centre to the rest of your body.

  • Direct your attention through your body, neck, and head.

Now that you are in tune with your body begin to explore each part individually.  Start with the toes, spend a few seconds with each one, and feel anything you can.  Move to the feet through the legs, torso, and neck.  Next, direct some attention to every part of your body and notice any feeling.  You will soon feel the energy that brings your form to life.

Your mind will undoubtedly try to distract you as you do this practice.  Witness any thoughts and questions on the surface of your being.  Keep returning your attention to your body when you see this happening.

  • Feel the body and its energy. 

At this point, see if you can imagine the body as a container.  Does it feel light or heavy?  Stay with this feeling and explore it curiously.  In time, you will be able to sense the energy both within and around the shell of the body.


The energy that exists within your body is the same energy that runs the cosmos.

The energy that exists within your body is the same energy that runs the cosmos.

Do wisdom and awareness exist in your body?


The practice of being with your inner body makes you more open to your true nature that is beyond thought.  In a word, this is awareness.  It is the silent wisdom that brings to life everything that exists. You can see this in nature and all of creation, where the variety of life is endless.

Your body and mind already have the same intelligence that is waiting to grow within you.

Spending a few minutes per day to be conscious of the inner body moves you toward this growth.  You can practice whenever you wish.  Later you will feel a permanent binding to your life energy.

In summary, being in tune with your inner body begins the process to transform your whole life.


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