Inner body awareness: A step by step guide

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This post helps you understand how to be aware of the inner body. You will learn the purpose of this practice and what to expect. Understand how it benefits your body and helps you become more aware. The result is a calm mind and improved health.


As you connect with the inner body, healing and inner wisdom occur.


What is the inner body?


The term ‘inner body’ describes a stream of life that powers your physical being. As you gain insight into its space, you connect with the source of creation. In short, this course slows your mind’s pace and brings mental and emotional balance.

Your inner body is the formless, non-physical part of you. It has no limit and lies beneath your body’s outer regions. This power brings life to your physical self. Here, you sense the energy flowing under your skin’s boundary. Tune into this feeling and you align with your inner body. To clarify this, picture charging a phone. Watch it come to life and carry out its tasks. Within your body, life energy works in the same way. In this analogy, the phone is your body, and the electric current is its power. Once you’re able to sense this subtle energy, your awareness grows strong. This goal is the outcome of connecting with your inner body.

Your physical body is an organic machine that holds lots of systems and levels. Each of these occurs in different layers. Your surface region includes skin, muscle, and bone. At a deeper level, there are cells, fluids, tissues and organs. Thoughts and emotions account for the more subtle levels of form. Each of these layers makes up your overall body’s profile. Explore their nature and sense how they feel in detail. This form of enquiry brings you more in touch with the inner body. As a result, the mind becomes a wise, useful tool and your body’s systems renew.

In reality, aware space creates and holds each object in the cosmos. To fulfil this purpose, it works through all your cells. This intellect is the inner body working at your human level. When you connect with it, your health, mind and emotions balance.


The same life energy that runs the cosmos takes place in every cell of your body.

The same cosmic spirit occurs in every cell of your body.


What happens when you sense the inner body?


When you sense the inner body, its energy activates. This action enhances the life force in your body, which nourishes everything at a cellular level. In effect, you recover quicker, don’t age as fast, and have fewer illnesses.

Your body is an intelligent machine with the power to regenerate and heal itself. It does this through the actions of many tissues, fluids and cells working together. Each of these units in your body is a conscious, wise being. They use their mind to connect and work with many other systems. This act needs both attention and nutrients to survive and thrive. Without such awareness, your body’s traits decline and cannot do their tasks. It’s then hard for them to heal.

As you grow aware of your inner body, you bring awareness to your cells. This prevents unwanted thoughts and illness from gathering in your space. To show how this works, take the case of a house owner leaving. If they don’t return after a few years, what happens to their house? It’s likely that dirt and debris collect within its walls. Soon, the building falls into ruin and unwanted guests invade its space. In the opposite case, when someone is present at home, trespassers and dirt have less chance of entering. As a result, the house remains strong and intact. In the same fashion, as you connect with the inner body, your level of awareness rises.

A higher level of awareness creates room for the brain and body to heal. In effect, your cells become more spacious and settle into a balanced state. This action stops excess thought energy and toxins from building up in your body. Soon you grow privy to ways of improving your life and health. The result is less illness in the brain, body, and mind.


Being present in your body creates a foundation where nothing can affect you. 

Create a foundation in the body where nothing can affect you.


How does connecting with the inner body affect your mind?


As you connect with the inner body, it strengthens, expands, and opens your mind. This awareness allows you to connect with life’s space and wisdom. In effect, you gain inner strength, wellness, insights, and solutions.

The dimension of space and knowledge is present within you. These allow your overall being to live with ease and balance. The belief that you are your thoughts blocks access to this intelligence. By merging with the inner body, you learn to see past the outer crust of your mind. This vision removes any mental block that obstructs the space and knowledge within you.

A firm base of awareness ensures that your thoughts and actions don’t harm your wellbeing. To show how this works, imagine building a tower on a shallow base of loose sand. Here, the tower won’t stay standing for long. Now, picture the same structure built on a robust, deep base of concrete. The building will stand firm – regardless of any changes to the ground or weather. In this example, the tower displays your thoughts, and its foundation is your inner body. A solid anchoring in this base allows for strong inner strength, wellbeing and higher awareness of life.

Once you become more conscious of your inner body, an alert and firm mind develops. From this point, no matter what happens in life, nothing overcomes you. When you stay with this stillness, wisdom and inspiration come forth. You then bind with the source of creation and realise that life is one. Such insight comes as you connect with your inner body. On account of this, you gain health, wellness and solutions.



A strong grounding within your inner body is like an anchor that cannot be moved.

Strong awareness of the body keeps one grounded, and thoughts do not affect you.

How do you practice being aware of your inner body?


You practice being aware of your inner body by first being still. It’s then easy to sense your feelings and emotions. See if you can note the sensation of life below your skin’s boundary. If you spend 3-4 weeks on this exercise, thoughts will hold less power over you as your awareness grows strong.

The following steps will help you become more attentive to your inner energy field. It’s important to realise that they are pointers and act as guides. With this intention, there are no rules as you practice. It’s helpful to try each tip and find what works best.

  • Sit in a relaxed position.
Sit and ease into the surface, or chair where you’re resting. When you’re ready, close your eyes. It’s unnecessary to hold yourself in a rigid posture. What’s most important is that you use the least effort to support your body’s position.
  • Keep as still as possible.
A restless body reflects a frantic mind. As you hold your body still, the mind becomes less noisy. In effect, it becomes more tuned into this practice. Besides this, a steady body informs the brain to slow the pace of its thoughts.
  • Be watchful of your breathing.
If you find it easy, draw attention to the motion of breathing. Start by taking a deep inhalation and soften your focus as you breathe out. If it’s hard to concentrate, imagine a bright healing light surrounding you. With each breath, visualise breathing in this light. Allow this spirit to fill your entire space.

Be mindful of your chest cavity as it fills up with air and empties the lungs. When you exhale, let go of your efforts to control breathing.

  • Become conscious of the sensations in your body.
As soon as the body relaxes, you will sense light, subtle feelings. These include mild tingling, tension, pains, and heat in different regions. Watch a gentle electrical feeling in your limbs and brain. Behold a light, nourishing energy that beats your heart at the same time. Notice blood move and flow from the heart centre throughout your torso. This act of witnessing allows your body to relax.
  • Direct attention through your body, neck, and head.
Now that you are in tune with the body, begin exploring each part. Start with your toes. Spend ten seconds with each one and note the sensations. Move your mind to your feet, then through the legs, torso, neck, arms and fingers. Next, direct attention to your entire being. Appreciate any reactions that move in your space. Detect the vitality and presence that brings your form to life.
The mind will try to distract you through this practice. As this happens, witness any thoughts and questions coming to your surface. Keep returning to your point of focus when you see this happening. Don’t worry if you find it hard to keep drawing back your focus during this exercise. Understand that this is a short-term practice to strengthen your awareness. For this reason, you don’t have to drive yourself to become perfect at it. 
  • Note the energy your body holds.

Imagine that your body is a hollow vessel. Is it light or heavy? Stay with this alertness and explore it using your senses. You will soon sense the subtle energy within and around your skin. Continue with this feeling for as long as you feel comfortable.

How do you sum up the method of inner body awareness?

To summarise the method of being aware of your inner body, be still, relax, then watch your feelings and senses. If your mind wanders, return it to your point of focus. This exercise helps you develop a more astute mind and a healthy body. With this foundation, you can allow unwanted thoughts to pass with no effort.


The energy that exists within your body is the same energy that runs the cosmos.

The energy that exists within your body is the same energy that runs the cosmos.

Do wisdom and awareness exist in the body?


Every cell, tissue, and fluid in your body has wisdom and awareness. These traits thrive beyond the border of your skin. The practice of being with your body opens a door to this insight. Such silent wisdom supports and brings everything that exists to life. See its action in nature, where life’s range is endless. Once you sense this motion, your whole life transforms.

Each of your body’s cells connects to life’s overall energy. Inside you, this vision is waiting to grow and flourish. To realise this, spend several minutes a day to note this power. Understand how it brings life to your body. By doing so, you awaken inner wisdom and grow as a person. This motion transforms your mind, health, and life. Soon, you will have a permanent link to life’s intellect. You fulfil this purpose after a few weeks of practice. From there, you can stop awareness exercises and begin allowing your mind its freedom. In short, this release transforms your whole life.

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