What is the meaning, nature and purpose of life?

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This post explains what life is, its meaning, nature and purpose. In doing so, you sense that life is one and everything has value. This understanding allows you to accept and handle any challenge as it arises. With such faith, help and resources come forth with ease. As a result, your mind becomes enlightened. In effect, worries, fears and mental suffering leave your space for good.

Everything in life connects and has value.

Everything in life connects and has value.


What is life and its purpose?


Life is an unending space that exists to express and know itself. To do this, it takes many forms that move, act and change. In short, this movement is ‘life energy’. Once you understand this, you accept that every being has purpose and value.

Every form and action that exists is life energy. To gain a visual idea of how this works, imagine taking a bead of water from the ocean. In this image, you’re the droplet, and the sea is life energy. Every object and form is a drop from this infinite ocean. You are life, and life is you. Realise nothing is separate. To reach this knowledge, witness, allow and let go of your mind’s labels. By doing this, you view every action taking place as life interacting with itself.

Realise life as one overall energy. In doing so, you accept and allow change. Don’t use this insight as an excuse to become inactive. It’s easy for your mind to lose itself on teachings such as “Everything is fine and one”. These quotes can lead you to question why you should take any action. Understand that life energy works through you to express, relate, and know itself. For these reasons, you must take wise action when necessary. On balance, know yourself as part of one life connecting with every form. This pointer helps you to accept, embrace, handle, and move through any challenge.

By nature, life is whole and balanced. These traits live inside you. To connect with them, notice the clouds of excess thought and allow them to disperse. Once you do this, life’s qualities shine forth and you realise your purpose. In essence, the reason you exist is to live out your natural expression as life intends. This purpose holds true for every form of life.

Droplets of water are small fractions of a larger body. In the same way, you are a part of life.

Droplets of water are tiny fractions of a larger body. In the same way, you connect to life’s wholeness.


How does life energy understand its nature?


Life energy uses action, contrasts, and form to understand its nature. It gains further insight by creating and witnessing change. Watch these traits occur within and around you. This vision helps you accept life’s diverse role and release your mind’s struggle.

Life expresses itself through a range of unique events, contrasts, and shifts. When you resist these movements, you oppose life’s nature. As a result, you sense conflict and pain. To recognise this, note the changing emotions within your mind, such as fear and joy. What happens when you oppose fear? You will sense a backlash where it’s as though you’re fighting yourself – thus creating more fear. If you fight joyous states, you feel a similar recoil. These mindsets are forms of life energy as it goes through contrasts. For this reason, you experience pain when you fight or try to avoid its shifts and movements.

If you think of yourself as separate from life, you’re bound to fight against it. Witness this in past and present wars that display a mindset of “us vs them”. In these cases, each party views itself as separate from the other. In reality, these groups mirror your battle against painful emotions. Remember that thoughts are different forms of life energy. As long as you fight against them, you create pain and unhappiness. These mindsets result from your resistance and separation to life.

When you view life as one being that embodies everything, you have no reason to attack it. You then accept and allow what arises. This release removes your pain and sorrow. From here, you then become privy to more complete solutions and ideas that align with your true purpose. In summary, life understands its diverse nature through you. By accepting this, you can allow your mind to release its struggle.


The river, trees, stream and all forms are life energy. Without the mind's labels, they share the same divine name.

The river, trees, stream are all forms of life energy. Without the mind’s labels, they share the same divine name.


What happens when you realise life’s wholeness?


Once you realise life’s wholeness, change is more bearable and you move through challenges with ease. This embrace allows you to face the diverse sides of life. It’s then possible to live out your purpose with freedom. Such free space lies beyond the limits of your brain. As you connect with this wholeness, you unlock life’s peace and balance.

Life is a whole movement where several actions work with one another. This dynamic is obvious in your body as nothing in it functions alone. For example, your brain and internal organs act together to help you survive. Events in your life and the cosmos happen in the same fashion. Take the case of your birth. It’s the result of billions of occurrences and unions. Here, you accept that each event in your life takes place due to many past episodes and actions working together.

When you perceive life’s scope, you learn how everything connects. Each moment you experience depends on a vast number of events that align. If one past instance was different, the present outcome changes. Life always helps you, and once you see yourself as a part of it, you trust its flow. This faith has no condition, and nothing can break it. From this point, you realise that life knows what’s best for your growth. This insight helps you accept that problems and trials have a valid place in reality. These help you grow aware of imbalances before moving you toward balance. In effect, you sense a firm connection, scope, and trust in life.

As your imbalances fade, the inner peace within you awakens. The mind then feels fresh, and your actions become informed and wise. Once you fathom life’s wholeness, you take everything in your stride. This openness allows balance and peace to thrive.


Once you are aware of something, it can no longer hide or pretend to be you.

Once you are aware of the mind, it can no longer hide or pretend to be you.


What makes your journey in life unique?


Your entire being, form and presence on earth make your journey in life unique. In short, no two beings are identical. Once you accept this, realise that your life and its course are one of a kind. No one else will have the same experiences as you. On that account, you stop seeking approval and desire to compare yourself to others.

Life creates humans with endless range and diversity. Some are closer to balance, while others are further away. To know its wholeness, life must create imbalances to learn about itself and realise this state. With such intent, every being moves toward harmony, just as hot air becomes cool. Despite this, accept that not everyone is ready to move through this path. Others are on a unique, diverse path as much as you.

Life brings forth tests and change. These trials serve the purpose of growth and move you toward higher awareness. There soon comes a point where the pain brought by change drives you to explore life in more detail. Here, questions about life, suffering and its nature arise. Have you had enough sorrow? Are you fed up with looking for answers from elsewhere? If the answer is “yes” to these questions, you’re ready for inner awareness and balance. Indeed, lots of people won’t take heed of these signs and continue suffering. It’s possible that they’re not yet willing to grow by facing life’s tests, pain, and change.

As the earth shifts toward balance, more humans will awaken from their mind. Your awakening aids this movement by forming a ripple effect that helps each person within your field. On balance, this shift makes your life’s journey unique. Here, you accept its nature and don’t feel the urge to compare, judge, or confirm your qualities against others.


As you move to a more aware mind, know that it's your journey.

As you move to a more aware mind, know that it’s your journey.


Does life’s movement ever end?


Life’s movement never ends. It continues expressing, watching, and creating forms. These actions have a cause and effect. Each one leads to more events taking place in an endless rhythm. When you accept this truth, you realise that change occurs in life’s unchanging space. This knowledge prevents you from losing yourself in your mind’s thoughts, emotions, or outside circumstances. It’s then easy to learn and enlighten yourself on new things.

As parts of life’s awareness, your body and mind are temporary movements. Yet your pure, spacious nature is permanent and immortal. It remains despite birth and death. If everything in your life vanished – your friends, job, body, house, car, money and spouse, who would you be? Life uses such gulfs to show itself in different ways. To confirm how this takes place, witness the leaves shed during autumn. When each leaf dies and falls to the ground, it decays to form soil. Soon, new plants and trees grow from this compost. This cycle and the space where it occurs are eternal. Such open awareness and motion have no beginning or end.

In the space of life, birth and death occur. Despite these movements, life remains and continues. When you accept this truth, you no longer fear your mind, change, or death. From here, no thought, event, or emotion affects your inner peace. This spacious state is where you gain knowledge and enlighten yourself on life.


Life is a constant journey of enlightenment and gaining knowledge.

Life is a constant journey of enlightenment and gaining knowledge.


What does enlightenment mean?


The word enlightenment points to a state where you understand something. In your life, this means you engage in constant growth and learning. Don’t mistake enlightenment for a high or divine state of being. In contrast, it’s a natural state where you’re open to discover and realise facts. Such a mind remains flexible and adapts to life’s shifting nature. This truth makes enlightenment a part of your ongoing purpose and journey. This course has no end, as life never stops learning.

Each person seeks to gain more knowledge, peace, balance, and enlightenment. To reach these goals, let go of seeking, witness your mind, then allow its past momentum to release. Once this process ends, your mind’s space frees. This openness places it in the best position to learn new truths. From this point, your past worries, fears and regrets no longer have any influence. As you go through this journey of learning, you learn the truth of how everything moves within life’s space. Here, your mind is open and poised for enlightenment. It’s then easy to gain new insights that lead to balance and peace.

Life leads you through constant growth and learning. For this reason, you cannot become enlightened about something if you aim to escape or avoid it. This truth prevents you from wasting time on rituals, dogmas, or acts of penance. In contrast, you gain the most knowledge when you allow and move through each experience. On balance, your journey as a human being grants you the chance to connect with life’s wholeness. This goal is the ongoing purpose of enlightenment and life. With this insight, outside events or mental troubles lead you toward better knowledge, growth, and learning. Such a journey has no end.





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