What is yoga?

The word Yoga means to join.  As a form of exercise, it combines strength, flexibility and breathing.  In effect, this improves your overall health. 

My Yoga classes are suitable for all and bespoke to fit any need. 

Regular Yoga helps with the following:


  • More supple joints and a higher range of motion. 
  • Stronger and more toned muscles.
  • Natural Weight Loss.
  • A more healthy posture.
  • Less pain in the body. 
  • Improved breathing and lung function.
  • Higher energy.
  • Increased awareness of both mind and body.
  • Better cardio health.
  • Higher performance in all sports.
  • Less injury to the joints and tendons.
  • Faster recovery from exercise. 

My Approach to Yoga

Learning Yoga with me allows you to create a bespoke practice.  My style combines both exercise and relaxation.  In essence, these balance your entire being.  As a result, you will feel both strong and calm.  

One to One

The traditional way to learn Yoga is on a one to one basis, to make sure that the teachings match the student’s needs.

The benefits of One to One classes are: 

  • The classes suit your goals.  With this in mind, you can choose anything between a rigorous physical practice or a relaxed class.  I adjust each posture to suit you and how your body feels.
  • You learn the basics in detail.  As a result, you build an excellent foundation for regular practice. What’s more, you learn the correct technique.
  • Excellent for any health concerns, injuries, or illness.  Every class is bespoke to you and your needs.
  • Increased confidence, due to ongoing support.  Furthermore, you enjoy the practice and understand how to fit it in with your lifestyle.
  • Great for ongoing learning and development.  You are challenged and encouraged in a safe and inspiring environment.

      Working Together

      We start with a telephone or email consultation where we outline your needs and goals as well as what you intend to achieve from the session(s).  We discuss your preferences in detail and any related injuries or illnesses.  

      With this in mind, I design a class, specifically for you based on our consultation. From then, we arrange a suitable date and time for the yoga session(s) to take place.

      Your first Yoga session is free. 

      Afterwards, I follow up with you by email or telephone to answer any questions.

      Feedback is always welcome to clarify anything about your practice.  The intention is for you to feel confident and happy going forward.

      Further classes can be booked as individual sessions or as a series, to suit your needs.  These can take place at my studio in Adel, or we can arrange a home visit.

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      My Home Studio

      My home studio is in the serene village of Adel, Leeds.  There is also nearby parking available.  Please message me for more details.

      Home Visits

      Having me come to your home to teach Yoga means that you don’t have to spend time getting to and from class.  In effect, Yoga fits more effortlessly into your day.  It also provides a great alternative to waiting lists and crowded classes.

      My Yoga sessions help you to explore the practice in a personalised way.  All props and mats are provided in case you do not have your own. 



      Your first one hour Yoga session is free and complementary.  

      Private yoga at my home studio is £20 per 1-hour session, Special offer is 2 sessions for £35. 

      Home visits: £25 plus travel expenses (Please contact for further information).  Special offer is 2 sessions for £40.   

      Book your free Complementary Yoga session