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My name is Subraj.
Thank you for visiting my website and blog page!


The purpose of this blog is to provide my insights on personal growth, health and wellbeing. Each post will give some pointers in the hope of guiding you towards inner balance, happiness and health.

My points of view are solely mine and are a part of my journey of learning.  On the whole, this blog provides me with a chance to share some of my knowledge.

Over several years, I have enjoyed learning about life, the mind and how to overcome suffering.  The lessons learned have come from my own experience, and what resonates.

I am also interested in raising human potential on every level.  For instance, finding the optimal exercise routine to the best diet, or removing all forms of mental suffering, thus allowing an enjoyable life.  Every factor works with the other and forms the basis of a life in balance.


My intention to share what I know


As my knowledge and experience evolved, I sensed a need to share what I had learned.  The world of spirituality, science and healthcare have many useful insights but are often easy to misunderstand.  In the current information age, there is often too much in the form of resources which cause confusion.  Altogether, these factors can prevent a reader from gaining understanding and applying it to daily life.

My goal is to present my knowledge in a format that is simple and easy to understand.  In effect, you can simply apply these to your daily routine.  The intention is to help you improve every part of your life.  By doing this, you make the most significant step toward transforming the world.

Each post will focus on a specific theme.  There may be some overlap of a few points. Mostly due to a few ideas that build on a similar understanding.  You may have to read a few posts more than once to understand the teaching fully.  The posts do follow an order where each one builds on the previous post.  With this in mind, you will benefit the most if you read them in date order.


You’re own personal journey.


We are all a unique journey of personal growth. In light of this, some points on the blog will resonate with you, and some may not. It’s important to realise that understanding and growth each take time. Perhaps at a later time, when you feel ready, you can revisit older posts and find some value from them.  All posts will have a comment section where you can ask me any questions. Having this section allows me to interact directly with you to address any points in more detail. It also provides a chance for users to share ideas and experience.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog!  Please also check out my services in Health Coaching, Yoga and Workplace wellness.  These allow you to access my knowledge directly and work with me on a bespoke level.  I will look forward to interacting with you!
Best Wishes
What is awareness and how does it work?

What is awareness and how does it work?





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