What is the purpose of thinking and its role in creation?

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This post helps you discover the purpose of thinking on both human and universal levels. What’s more, you will understand the process of how it happens.  Having this knowledge allows you to see the role thinking has in creation.  In addition to this, find out why negative thoughts exist and what place they have in life.  From here, you can think in an aware manner, where you choose the reality you want to create for yourself.


What is the process of thinking on the universal level?


Visualise an empty void of space.  Now ask yourself, how would such emptiness know or understand itself?  For this space to know and understand its being, it has the quality to think and create.

If you were to summarise what life energy is, you would outline it as a creative being that thinks.  To explain this, observe how varied nature is and see the limitless knowledge at work all the time.  For any event or plan to take place, there must be the alignment of billions of variables.  Hence why realities only take shape on the condition that there are a focus, direction and drive.  Therefore, thinking always takes place before an act of creation.

For anything to come into existence, there must be an aim or plan.  In other words, to create something, there has to be an intention.  Once this vision is clear, energy must gather in the form of resources.  After that, the process begins to make the idea a reality. The channelling of energy and resources in line with intent is how creation takes place.

For example, earth formed out of dust and rock concentrated into a small area.  At this point, the earth’s core came into existence, which gives the planet its protective magnetic field.

Life had to have both an intention and aim to initiate this processThat is to say, without direction, it would not be possible to cause such precise movements.  Even the slightest action that is not in line with the creative plan would have stopped the earth from forming.  These steps apply to the formation of every object and event that takes place.



Why does thinking happen on a human level?


All beings and objects that exist are forms of condensed energy.  With this in mind, it’s clear that each form of life is the result of focus and intent.  The thoughts you think are also subtle energy bodies.  When you give them focussed attention, they condense to shape reality.  The human process to create is no different from life’s ability to make worlds.

Imagine a vast ocean which branches out into numerous rivers.  Now picture the same water flowing into many streams.  In essence, your expression is one of the many streams of life that flow from the source.  Your entire self consists of the same life energy.  For that reason, you also have the same ability to create, think and focus.

In any event, the actions and experience of thought are the domain of the thinking mind.  These are essential for you to function, make choices, create and express yourself as a being.  In view of this, observe how most living beings have developed traits so that they can reproduce.  For the most part, this is a design and intention of life to allow its creations to co-create.

To demonstrate this, think of the innate desire for many humans to have children.  The act of procreation usually needs both thought and an intent to choose the right partner.  There also has to be a strong focus and desire for a healthy relationship.  Altogether, each factor that contributes to your end goal needs a strong vision to make it happen.  Do you see how vital the energy of thought is in your role as a creative being?

Given these points, the thinking mind is not your enemy.  It plays a massive role in your manifesting primary life goals, as well as practical daily tasks.




Why do negative thoughts exist?


Thought allows humans to express themselves in a way that no other life form can.  However, many experience thoughts as the root of trouble and pain.  It’s common to see these grouped with negative thinking.  When you have no awareness of these thoughts, they can shape your reality.

The following question then arises, ‘why do they exist?’  Especially when they seem to go against the purpose of creation.

With anything in life, there is always a contrast in any experience.  To clarify this, observe the movement of day and night.  At first, they seem to be in opposition, but one cannot exist without the other.  You will never know the light of day without experiencing the darkness of the night.

In the same way, there are positive and negative thoughts.  Both forms of thinking take place to provide a range of polarity and experience.  How can you know a balanced state of mind without feeling its opposite?  The journey from imbalance to balance is one of the most incredible ways to learn about life.  It’s equally important to know that each state of mind helps fulfil your life’s purpose of learning and growth.

In reality, contrasts and groups of thought exist only on a human level.  When looking at things from a universal point of view, there is no positive or negative.  Each one is the same life energy expressing itself in a different form.  In truth, the purpose of all this is for you, the creator and life to know itself.




How does thinking take place in the mind?


The act of thinking within the human mind takes place in the form of passive or active thought.  Passive thinking is when your mind pictures or speaks without you making any effort to focus.  Unquestionably, the brain thinks tens of thousands of thoughts through the day and night.  Most of this takes place without you realising.  In short, this refers to passive thinking.  Accepting and allowing all that happens is one way to describe this line of thought.

In contrast, you can use your mind to think actively.  Generally, this means that you make an effort to focus on specific thoughts.  The purpose of this type of thinking is to direct the energy of passive thought.  As a result, you can complete your general day to day tasks as well as manifest goals.  It takes tremendous force to direct your attention to thinking.  Because of this, it is not something you can do for long periods at a time.

Your mind uses both active and passive ways of thinking together.  Passive thinking allows insights, ideas and solutions to come up. At the same time, active thinking plays a role in focusing on specific thoughts.  Once you have a high level of awareness, you can consciously use both ways of thinking.

In light of this, you become a deliberate creator that can choose the realities you wish to create.  The energy that created the cosmos is you.  Similarly, you can use your mind to be a co-creator.  It is this understanding that allows you to fulfil your purpose as an expression of life.



What is the mind, consciousness and its purpose?

What are thoughts and emotions, also how does thinking work?





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