What is the mind, consciousness and its purpose?

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This post allows you to understand what the mind is, where its located and its purpose.  On balance, you will see how important and connected everything is.  Having this knowledge helps you make sense of the different levels of thinking and how they all relate to nature.  In effect, you become wise to your mind and the happenings of the world as a whole.  You also learn how to recognise your place as a creative being.


What is the mind?


In essence, the mind is the intelligence that holds all aspects of your brain, body and awareness.

The most common assumption is that the mind is the only part of you that thinks and feels emotion. Even though this is true, the act of thinking is just one aspect.  For this reason, there are many more qualities that the mind uses to carry out its purpose.  One of the most important is the means to be aware of both the world and your experiences.  Having this ability allows you to have balanced freedom of choice in all areas of life. Whenever you can sense any thought or emotion, it means that you are aware of the movement of your mind.

It’s important to know that this activity never stays the same.  Or to put it another way, it changes at every moment.  For the most part, these changes take place due to your environment, genes, conditioning and memory Your life situation also affects how you think, feel, and the actions you take.  To a great degree, the confines of the brain and body do not limit any of this activity.  Mainly because the minds nature is to be aware, and awareness does not have a limit. 



The mind does not only exist in the head. It goes beyond the border of your skin



Where is the mind located?


For one thing, your mind’s activity does not only take place in your head and brain.  In truth, it takes place throughout your organs, cells and entire body.  To demonstrate this, think about how much knowledge each cell in your body has.  Just one DNA strand alone has enough information that can fill thousands of books.  On the whole, your DNA affects how you look, your behaviour, and your physical makeup.  You can use thought to change some of these factors, but your cells store the blueprints.  With all things considered, this means that the brain alone does not determine who you are.  It’s also not the only place in your body that stores and processes knowledge.

Your body consists of billions of cells, and each one has the intelligence to carry out its function.  With this in mind, can you imagine how much information and memory you store?  Undoubtedly, your cells contain all the knowledge needed for you to live. Every second, the cells in your brain and body take part in trillions of actions.  Each one of them has the potential to affect how you act, move and think.  Without doubt, the life that exists within and around you is far beyond what thinking could ever fathom.

What must be remembered is that both intelligence and knowledge are all across you.  Despite these facts, many people think that the brain is the only place where the mind exists.  By and large because its the primary organ that generates thought.  As a result, this leads to the mistaken belief that thinking makes up who you are.  The realm of thinking is one aspect of the mind, but it is only a small part of overall intelligence.  Therefore, it is unbounded and cannot be limited to one place.


Like your mind, the body is a powerhouse of information. Both are one and the same



What is the purpose of the mind?


The purpose of the mind is to manage information to function as a living being.  In short, this applies to every form in the universe.  For that reason, every object has a place in existence.  That is to say, even the simplest atom or cell has to store and manage information.  For atoms to form structures, they interact and bind with others.  In addition to this, they also share details so that they can adapt.  Altogether, these form systems that allow all in the universe to take place.

Without a doubt, your ability to exist and survive is a result of lots of factors. Take the case of producing, finding and eating food.  Each is a vital function of nature and necessary for the survival of all life on earth.

In general, every food chain begins with the ground and plants.  The sun plays the leading role in nourishing each one in a process called photosynthesis. What’s more, the plants provide food for various animals.  In turn, both these animals and plants provide food for humans.  Imagine the number of subsystems that take place in the food chain, from plant growth to animal instincts.

Furthermore, your brain, digestive, and hormone systems work together to tell you that your body needs food. Given these points, do you notice how the information in your body, brain, and nature, work together?  The process of life providing food as well as consuming and recycling it is all part of one system.

Observe how connected the plants, animals, your feelings and biology are for this act to take place. To that end, the mind exists so that it can learn, transfer and process information.  For that reason, all forms of life can survive and fulfil their purpose.



The process of all food starts from the ground



What is the conscious mind?


The term conscious refers to you being aware of what exists or occurs. In other words, it means to know something. Before you learn or act upon anything, you have first to become aware of the information and facts. After that, your memory stores this as knowledge.

The conscious mind is the part of your brain that is aware of what’s happening. Once you learn to use this, you connect with the intelligence of life. As a result, you become fully conscious. Or to put in another way, you awaken. In this state, no type of thinking can blindly pull you around. Instead, you can make decisions based on more profound wisdom. Being open to this allows for the correct use of knowledge in an aware manner.

The intelligence of life is always on, for the most part, because it is always adapting and moving. Or to rephrase it, life is conscious and aware all the time.



The mind works like a computer storing vast amounts of data that becomes information


What is the unconscious mind?


In contrast, there is the unconscious mind which refers to not being aware.  The majority of your bodies process take place without you thinking or being aware of it.  In effect, these are unconscious process as they do not require input or effort from you.  At first, this seems like it contradicts the fact of life always being conscious and aware.

Life is always aware, but when you do not align with this awareness, you cannot use it. When you become too attached to your thoughts, you can quickly lose sight of the broader knowledge at work.  In this case, your mind is unconscious of both life and its intelligence.  It is a sleep-like state where you are not aware of how the brain can rule your actions.

Everything you experience in life is through your senses.  Moreover, your brain interprets each one of them, then processes and stores them.  When the brain has no connection to the intellect of life, that is to say when you think that the mind is separate from everything.  You make decisions based upon memories rather than the wisdom of the present. In summary, this is the unconscious mind which can reflect itself in all areas of your life.





Why should you understand the mind?


Understanding the mind, and its nature allows you to see the way it operates.  In time, you see how it works on the level of the brain as well as the bigger picture.  Both operate together and that neither are separate from each other.  The only thing that prevents you from knowing this is when you become unconscious.  Or to put it differently, when you lose yourself in thought.

Once you understand the mind, you become more aware of it.  Above all, you become fully conscious and in tune with life.  The past ceases to repeat itself, and you recognise your place as a creative being.  Above all, you easily connect with the same mind that created the cosmos and realise that they are all one.

Other terms for this are the one universal life or supreme consciousness.  In conclusion, it makes up you, your brain, body, and all that exists.





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