What is space? Why should you explore and understand it?

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This post explores space, the universe, and how they relate to you. Such an inquiry helps the mind relax and trust life’s greater intelligence. As a result, you learn how similar your true nature is to the cosmos. This insight helps remove worry, mental pain, and sorrow from the mind.

Space is a force of nature that creates endless forms of beauty and wonder.

Space is a force in nature that creates endless forms of beauty and wonder.


What is space?


Space is a formless domain where every object and event occur. Once you fathom its infinite nature, troubles and painful life events lose their importance. Here, you realise how trivial such problems are after comparing them to the timeless quality of the cosmos.

The expanse of space is where your mind, our physical universe, and its contents take place. It contains every form of matter that you can sense, measure, or detect. These include thoughts, emotions, stars, universes, galaxies, planets, and beings. Picture a wall or edge to this vastness and ask yourself, what exists past the boundary? Is there more space? Where does it end? In short, the expanse of space has no end, edge, or limit. Here, your mind, the cosmos, and its contents unfold.

The thoughts in your mind are small objects and events in space. Like any object, they are finite beings with limits. For this reason, you don’t have to hold on to them. Know that if something has a limit, it must exist within a limitless field. To understand this, note the vastness of space both within and around you. Sense its presence instead of focusing on thoughts or emotions. By doing so, it’s easy to realise the space that dwells within you. Thoughts come and go within this limitless expanse. By knowing this, you realise they are short-lived events and pass in their own time.

What happens as you connect with space?

As you connect with space, life’s troubles lose their power over the mind. To make this connection, imagine a blank, open canvas without shape or time. This expanse has no beginning, middle or end. Our universe and countless others take place within this emptiness. Such vastness didn’t arise or come from somewhere, nor did anyone create it. In truth, it lives as the space that holds each cell, breath, and atom in existence. This stillness allows you, the mind, and its contents to be. Once you connect with this peace, life’s problems become trivial and lose their power.

In summary, space is the one life that exists beneath each life form. The act of connecting with it allows you to unite with life itself.


If there are countless universes, they would still be tiny specs in infinite space.

Countless universes exist as tiny specs in the sea of infinite space.


What is the nature of space and its contents?


The nature of space is open and impossible to measure. In essence, it’s an empty void that has no form, design, or model. By sensing this, the mind cannot drive your attention in full. This openness allows you to accept thoughts as passing objects. In this state, you can choose to work with, or allow them to pass.

Your true nature has the same qualities of space, and you’re one with creation. Note this truth when scientists study forms of physical matter. By using special microscopes, they can confirm every object in life as a bundle of tiny electrons. On closer study, it’s now clear that 99.999999% of these electron bodies are vacant space. Given these facts, physical objects are like hollow shells. Even the core of what makes you human is a vast, open domain. Allow yourself to feel this overall vastness and watch how the mind’s thoughts move within it. By growing aware of space this way, you connect with life’s pure, limitless nature.

It’s common to mistake the blank canvas of space as a narrow, solid substance. Because of this, many people try explaining it using their mind. This method often causes them to impose theories, beliefs, or images to explain what’s limitless. You can see this occur in religion and rigid education. Can you reduce the nature of life and space to an idea or belief? Understand that belief’s rest within the mind’s confines. Once you cast aside any ideas or notions of space, its wisdom becomes accessible. Meditate on this truth and you find inner freedom without limit. On account of this, your mind settles and you can choose how to use its contents.


The universe is home to billions of galaxies. This one is the Andromeda galaxy which is almost three times the size of our own

Andromeda (M31) is our nearest galaxy. If you were to travel at the speed of light, it takes 2.2 million years to get there.


How do you practice being aware of space? 


You practice being aware of space by exploring it inside and outside of your body. By doing this, you learn how each thought, emotion, event, and object unfolds in this field. With this insight, the mind’s awareness develops through noting the emptiness of space. It’s then easy to access your true self that rests in this field. Here are some pointers to help practice and realise this:

Become aware of your body’s inner space.

The term inner space refers to the body’s empty, open nature. You sense the mind’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions here. Examine the field where these motions happen. How does it feel? Is it light or heavy? Now, explore how thoughts and emotions move in this space. Watch them appear, live and fall back into the space from where they arose. Stay with this awareness for two to three minutes and notice how you feel.

Note the space outside your body. 

After viewing your inner space, sense what’s outside of the body’s skin. A simple method to practice this is by drawing your focus toward any object. When you’re ready, note the space that surrounds the item in your vision. This region exists beyond your skin’s border. Here, life events and material objects exist, rise and fall. Witness how this cycle of life takes place in space. Meditate on this truth for as long as you feel comfortable.

Release your efforts to be aware of space.

When you can witness how life moves within and outside the body, release all efforts to be aware of space. From here, you realise that there are no inner or outer dimensions to it. In truth, life energy, space, and the mind are one. This understanding relaxes the brain’s focus and connects you with life’s intellect.

How does this exercise help your mind?

This exercise helps your mind to accept and allow its contents. Use it each day for a month as an alternative to other mindful exercises. By doing this, the mind soon becomes stable. It’s then easy to allow its motion without its noise disturbing you. In effect, you stand unphased and untroubled by any event that occurs in life.

On balance, you witness your true self by knowing how space allows life to unfold. Witness this within and outside your body, then let go of the practice. In time, you realise how life and your true self take place within its field.


The timeline of the universe, notice the space where it occurs.

A timeline of the universe. Notice the inner and outer space between each object.


Does a greater force that’s bigger than the human mind exist? 


Beyond the human mind is a far greater force that no person can fathom. This silent intellect governs every design, creation, and course of life. Once your mind grasps this truth, it realises it can never know everything. This acceptance allows you to let go of worries, knowing that lifes greater intelligence brings forth the solutions.

Your thoughts are minor in contrast to life’s brilliance. To realise this truth, witness the sky at night and behold thousands of stars. Each one appears to be floating in an endless, dark, open field. What you see is a tiny part of our universe. To emphasise this, learn how science tracks trillions of galaxies. In brief, each one holds billions of stars in giant clusters, each with orbiting planets. How many worlds could exist beyond ours? Think of nature’s mind that creates so much diversity. Can your brain fathom such grand scope? When you ponder over creation this way, worries and troubles appear small against life’s brilliance.

In reality, the force of life is beyond your brain’s scope. To gain a sense of its scale, imagine travelling at 670,616,629 miles per hour. This speed is how fast light travels. At such a pace, it takes 150 thousand years to cross our galaxy and 93 billion years to travel across the known universe. Even then, you pass a minor point in space where many galaxies, stars, and planets thrive. Such objects of creation take endless resources, energy, and intellect. How would your life change if this force helped and worked for you? By allowing yourself to flow in life’s direction, the mind’s troubles resolve and solutions arrive.


The Lobster Nebula NGC 6357. Almost 5500 light-years from earth in space.

The Lobster Nebula NGC 6357. At the speed of light, it takes 5500 years to get there.


How does your mind mirror the cosmos?


Your mind mirrors cycles and changes that occur in the cosmos. By learning this, you realise how similar thoughts are to objects in space. Together they arise, express, then fall into the void from where they arose. Once you realise this truth, it’s easier to allow contrasts and change to pass without becoming too attached to their outcome. Relax your mind this way and it becomes a vehicle for life’s intellect.

Thoughts share matching traits with objects in our universe. As you study both, note how they relate in terms of nature and mood. Take the case of the planets in our solar system. Venus is a hostile, hot planet, whereas Earth has an ideal climate for life. On the mind’s level, Venus reflects images of anger, hatred, and agitation. In contrast, Earth is a symbol of stillness and balance. You cannot alter the nature of any planet. As a result, you can only accept and observe them as they are. In the same manner, witness and allow your mind in full. By doing so, its thoughts and traits run their course like objects in our universe.

Understand the nature of life and you grow more aware of your mind. This method is a portal to freedom and more profound knowledge. With such insight, you realise your true nature as aware space, witnessing every form and change. The brain then opens up to new understandings whilst being aware of contrasts. This state of allowing relaxes the mind as it accepts everything as it is. From this point, your brain relaxes as life’s intellect works through you.


Witness the differences in the planets of the solar system. These represent similar contrasts that take place in your mind and space.

Witness a range of differences in the solar system’s planets. In brief, these represent similar contrasts that take place in your mind.


Why are there an infinite number of worlds and universes?


Life creates an endless number of worlds and universes to express its limitless nature. This action applies to the range of thoughts, emotions, and events you experience. Upon accepting life’s intent to create, note how forms and objects exist to point you toward the space that embraces them.

The cosmos exists to help you see beyond your mind and realise life’s intellect. With this intention, you grow aware of life by observing and moving through changes. To accept this, look at how an endless number of bodies in outer space move, connect, and shift. Change and contrasts happen, but do they last forever? What purpose do they serve? By sensing variety in life, you accept its true, shifting nature. On account of this, you soon learn that life exists to realise itself through your body and mind.

Every world, universe, and form is a passing show. This truth applies to problems, thoughts, and emotions. Given these points, don’t worry if such mental motions take over your attention. Once you’re aware of this happening, notice that a spacious part of you is unaffected by these movements. In short, you cannot learn what’s formless without going through various cycles and forms. By living life and accepting change, it’s possible to know what’s eternal. Imagine if each object in the cosmos ceased to exist. Even if this was true, life remains and no shift or crisis affects it. This space doesn’t pass and is your pure, formless nature.

In summary, life is infinite and shapeless. This immortal space lives within and beyond each form. It doesn’t start or finish and is free from the laws of nature. Your purpose is to remember and join with this truth. Such a union allows life’s space and intent to shine through you.




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