What is silence? A simple guide to relax your mind.

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This post helps you understand and connect with a silent state that is the source of everything. By doing so, the brain becomes more alert and less troubled by any noise. Learn how sound and silence relate to your brain’s movement. This understanding helps your mind settle and brings forth a peaceful life.


Silence exists within and around you

Silence exists within and around you.


What is silence?



Silence is a period without sound. In essence, it’s a moment of stillness where life takes place. Connect to this space and you realise the peace that’s always present. To discover this for yourself, listen to any sound. Note how its volume rises and falls back into silence. This motion happens the same way as objects that rise and fall in space. Such a void is the permanent peace and silence within you.

Insight and creation arise from a vast, open expanse. This truth applies to your mind, which has ample room for thoughts to occur. Within its space lies life’s natural wisdom. Are you always searching, speaking, or trying to find answers? Is this how you connect with peace? The answers and peace you seek come when you stop struggling to find them. Once you do this, your mind grows more receptive to new areas of learning. When questions arise, explore them with awareness and note the silent, watchful space as you allow answers to arrive. This open expanse is the root of overall insight, wisdom, and peace of mind.

Silence allows the space to observe, reflect, and act. These movements occur within your mind and in the cosmos. To understand and use them, you don’t need stressful analysis, talk or study. These actions are the brain’s noise in disguise. Instead, can you be silent for a few moments? Inquire into yourself this way and you attune to inner silence. This space is an observing awareness that remains still – no matter what arises. In its expanse lies the answers and wisdom you need to thrive. On balance, this permanent peace and silence exist within every cell of your being.  


The volume of sound always fades back into silence

The volume of sound always fades back into silence.


What is sound, and how do you hear it?


Sound is an energy vibration or movement that exists within space. Learn how it works and you realise that it’s a portal that connects to inner peace. In short, sound exists as the noise you can hear and the thoughts your brain collects. Here are brief summaries of both:

The sounds your ears detect.

Your ears hear sounds from objects that create vibrations. For example, a person’s vocal cords or road traffic. These travel through the air or any medium as wavelengths to your ears. Your brain then handles and sorts out this energy. From here, you’re free to use this information as you wish.

The sound of thoughts within your mind. 

Thoughts are energy forms that move through your mind as mental sounds. These include memories, regrets, images, ideas, judgements, views and fears from you or others. Your brain collects these thoughts from its environment and surroundings. If it views any of these as relevant, it saves them in its memory banks. In an aware state, you’re free to use or discard such thoughts as you please.

Can you block out the thoughts and noise in your mind?

You cannot block out thoughts or your mind’s content for long. In a similar manner, it’s not possible to stop your ears from hearing every sound. For the most part, because their workings happen without your conscious control. Instead of trying to stop yourself from hearing or thinking, can you witness these actions with no motive? As you do this, thoughts and mental noise enter your mind but don’t affect your state of being. If you choose not to use them, they leave on their own accord without effort.

Why is it hard to witness noise and allow it to pass?

It’s hard to witness noise and allow it to pass because it can occupy most of your inner space. This power holds true for sounds you can hear and thoughts in your mind. If you feel overwhelmed by either, it’s time to develop your space for awareness. To do this, listen to physical or mental noise with close attention. Detect the silent pauses before and after each sound. You will find brief moments of quiet when you do this and realise how silence and peace connect. From here, no sound – whether it occurs as thoughts or noise can trouble you.



You cannot experience noise without the space of silence.

You cannot have noise without the space of silence.


What is the skill to listen?


The skill to listen means to be aware of physical noise and thoughts. In either case, you note what you hear and sense before deciding on an action. This alertness allows you to be open to inspiration and better decisions.

In the event of excess noise, it’s tough to focus, think, or act. This challenge can happen within your mind or in a nearby environment. The hardest noises to handle are your thoughts. Over many years, your brain learns to manage these movements. This adaptation allows you to live and interact with the world. However, if you don’t improve your scope to listen, thinking takes up too much of your mind’s space. As a result, it disturbs your senses. This state refers to a noisy mind that’s full of troubles and worries. There is little difference between these mental states and outside noise pollution. Both hinder your ability to act, focus and think.

The voices in your mind become more fierce when you try to ignore or push them away. To confirm this, imagine a scene when someone is trying to get your attention from afar. If you don’t listen, how does the person respond? It’s fair to assume that they will shout louder until you take notice. Instead, if you allow your mind to speak and express itself, you’re no longer giving it a reason to make more noise. Imbalanced thoughts, mental pain and their fierce voices then become calm by themselves.

By listening and being aware of any sound, you learn to witness without judgement. When you apply this to your thoughts, you invite tolerance, love, and acceptance. These work to heal past wounds and bring forth insight. Here, you’re more open to inspiration and less prone to carry out unwise decisions.


A noisy mind reflects in situations such as busy roads. Even in such places, silence is always beneath the sounds.

A noisy mind reflects in scenes such as busy roads. Even in such places, silence is always beneath the sounds.


How do you connect with silence?


You connect with silence by being aware of sounds, then allowing them to disperse. Relate to silence this way and you stop trying to ignore or push away noise by force. This approach saves energy and improves your entire life.

One of the most common myths is that you must seek or find peace. You cannot search for this silence because it’s always present. The simple act of noticing sound requires there to be space. When you realise how noisy and unclear your mind is, a deeper awareness activates. This approach leads you to natural peace. To realise this inner stillness, set aside a few minutes a day to be silent, even if constant noise surrounds you. Witness the gaps between any thoughts or disturbances. At first, these are hard to follow. In time, their space expands as you stay still and alert. You cannot seek or find this peace as it exists within you.

Conversations are great means for you to connect with silence. Before speaking, listen to the other person and keep gentle eye contact. Pay close regard to the brief spaces between words. It’s good practice to pause for a few seconds after someone finishes their sentence. By interacting with others this way, you gain insights on what to say without overthinking. From here, the wisdom of silence works through you.

The method of paying attention to silence is the same, whether it’s through meditating on thoughts or physical noise. Note the undertone of stillness under any form of movement. Do you have to seek it? Or is it always present? Within this space are natural wisdom and knowledge. It is this same intellect that creates universes and worlds. Connect to this space more, and your entire life will improve.


The simple act of pausing during a conversation is bringing in the wisdom of silence

A simple act of pausing during a conversation brings in the wisdom of silence.


What happens after you connect with silence?


After you connect with silence, your brain’s scope for awareness grows. Now it’s time to stop trying to be aware of silence or sound. This stage is confusing at first because it appears to negate the earlier steps of noting noise and stillness. Those exercises were necessary to switch on your consciousness. Once you achieve this goal, allow life’s intellect to work. In doing so, your mind reaches balance and peace.

You cannot become silent using willpower because it’s a motion of thought. If you try forcing stillness on your mind this way, it adds more noise. This cycle can become a trap where you’re always acting to suppress your mind’s movement. Instead of pushing yourself to be quiet, notice how much noise is in your brain. Once you can detect this, let your mind run its chatter at full volume. After a while, its energy sources deplete. This action works like a phone or laptop running out of battery power. In a similar fashion, your mind’s noise soon fades away by itself, without effort or willpower.

Your pure nature is free, and it wants to radiate through you. When you allow this freedom, the brain connects with true silence. This quietness has no conditions, and nothing can change or alter it – no matter how much noise happens. In this space, there is no conflict, judgement, division, or violence. Once you connect with this peace, it radiates to the rest of the world. On balance, silence is always beneath any sound. The peace, balance, and answers you strive for rest here.






Why do space and the universe exist? How do they relate to you?

Why do space and the universe exist? How do they relate to you?

What is the mind, consciousness and its purpose?





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