The art of silence and how to connect with it

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This post helps you become more connected to the silence within and around you.  In effect, your mind becomes more alert and less troubled by any noise.  You will also learn how sound and silence relate to the movement in your mind.  Above all, this helps you to allow any noise to settle, which brings about a peaceful life.


What is silence?


Silence is a period where there is no sound.  In essence, it is a moment of stillness, tranquillity and peace where sounds take place.  To demonstrate this, look more in-depth at any noise.  Notice how its volume arises and fades back into quiet.  In the same way as to how objects rise and fall in space.  Can you see how there is no difference between the two?



What is sound, and how do you hear it?


From a physics point of view, a sound is simply an energy vibration that exists within space.  The process of you hearing the sound starts with the same energy travelling through a medium.  In brief, this is any physical matter, such as a solid object, liquid, or gas.  The sound comes from anything that creates vibrations.  For example, a person’s vocal cords or the movement of road traffic.  These travel through the air (or any medium) in the form of wavelengths to your ears.  Your brain then processes and interprets them.

Sounds are nothing more than a form of energy that you can hear.  In addition to hearing, your body has several other senses such as touch, taste, smell and sight.  Each one detects the presence of energy in any form.  Altogether, they help you to function as a human being.  All states of energy require space to exist.  Therefore, the silent void where this activity takes place is still the most important thing to note.

Both silence and sound are co-dependent.  That is to say; you cannot recognise one without experiencing the other.  The key is not to lose yourself in either one.


No form of noise can take place without the undercurrent of silence


Are you feeling lost in the noise?


Both sound and the ability to listen is critical for the survival of most forms of life.  For this reason, humans evolved the auditory system so they can hear.  Only when noise becomes either too loud or unwanted does this system become a problem.

In parallel to this, thoughts and thinking are forms of energy that are also necessary.  That’s why we have evolved a brain that can process these movements.  Otherwise, it would not be possible to adapt, understand, learn, or live.  When there is too much thinking, it usually results in feeling disturbed or anxious.  For the most part, this is a noisy mind.  Excess sound and mind activity refer to the same disturbance of the peace.

The sensation of a noisy mind is just like being in a situation with outside distractions.  Such as street traffic or any form of noise pollution.  Trying to think or act clearly amongst any excess noise is very hard.  Irrespective of whether it’s within the mind or the nearby environment.  What’s more, you will be less open to inspiration and more likely to make hasty decisions.

The consequences that arise from such decisions tend to cause unrest and regret.  Collectively, these amount to pain within your brain and body.  On balance, pain can be a powerful motivator for you to find the silence under the noise.


Even in the noisiest places, you can find a moment of silence within


How do you connect with silence?


One of the most common misconceptions is that you must seek or find peace.  In truth, silence cannot be sought after, because it is always present.  The simple act of noticing sound requires there to be silence.  In light of this, when you can see how noisy and unclear the mind is, you make the first step toward knowing this fact.

How would you feel if you set aside a few moments a day in silence?  Even if constant noise surrounds you, notice the gaps between any thoughts or noise that occur.  Space is always there, and all you have to do is slow down to sense it.

You can also do this during a conversation.  Before speaking, listen carefully to the other person and pay attention to the spaces between words.  Its good practice to pause for a few seconds after someone finishes their sentence.  Additionally, you will receive clear insights as to what to say next, without overthinking.

In either case, watch how sounds arise from a permanent undercurrent of silence.  Do you have to seek it?  Or is it already there?  Within this stillness is effortless wisdom and knowledge.  It is this same intelligence that created the cosmos and everything within.  As you connect to this space more, your whole life will benefit.


The simple act of pausing during a conversation is bringing in the wisdom of silence


How do you allow noise to settle?


It’s important to realise that connecting with silence is not done by force or willpower.  These are mental actions and tend to make things worse instead of improving matters. To clarify this point, think of one of your favourite songs. What happens when you add excess noise, volume or interference to the track? With all things considered, the purity of the music reduces, and the song becomes hard to hear.

Similarly, trying to quiet the mind with more thinking is like trying to cut noise by turning up the volume.  It’s clear that all efforts to reduce sound add more noise.  Consequently, this makes the problem far worse than before.

When you understand that you can’t stop noise with effort, it will become clear that the only solution is to become open to it.  By and large, this means to become aware of the space where it occurs.  Once you become attuned to this stillness, you can allow the mind to run its noise on all levels.  Eventually, it becomes exhausted and runs out of energy, just like an MP3 player or phone running out of battery power.  From this point, the noise of the mind fades away by itself, and you become receptive to your inner wisdom.

Becoming more aware of silence helps you connect with your natural presence.  At this point, you are not disturbed by anything that occurs, whether it is in your mind or life situation.  On the whole, quiet and stillness are reflections of your true inner peace.

Peace is always beneath any sound.  From here, you can find the insights and answers that you have been striving to find.  In reality, they were with you all along.  You only needed to become more aware of there presence.



What is space and the nature of the universe?

What is the mind, consciousness and its purpose?





  1. Ojit

    Wow!!! It was so refreshing to learn something new….
    Thank you

    • subraj

      Anytime Ojit

      The aim is for each post to convey something fresh and new. Really glad you enjoyed reading this one 🙂


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