How do you reprogram both your mind and personality?

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This post describes why it’s hard to control your mind and thoughts as well as the brains robotic nature.  You will also learn how your personality takes shape and why it exists.  With this intention, you find out about the contrasts of the mind and how they vary with each person.  Having this knowledge allows you to become wise to the reasons behind your thinking and actions.  To that end, you find it easy to reprogram and balance your mind.


What is the robotic mind?


In a state of low awareness, it can feel like your lost or taken over by the mind.  Furthermore, when you try to think, the momentum and theme of thoughts tend to stain your efforts.  In other words, as long as your mind carries excess energy, it affects all your actions and thinking.

For instance, a high amount of energy in the form of hatred gives many of your thoughts the same property.  Due to this, your thinking will be in the lines of fighting or supporting views of hate.  Soon most of your actions and life become dictated by these type of thoughts.

Once your mind gains a large amount of energy, momentum and fuel, it can take over your inner space.  In effect, you have little room for true freedom or independent choice.  At this point, you mistake every part of your thinking to be you.  When in fact, it’s just the programming of your mind running on its past fuel.

Imagine a computer that takes control of a robot and has it carry out actions.  In this case, the robot does not have any level of independence.  Or to put it differently, it does not have any free will or awareness to act and think by itself.

The robot represents most human beings that are a slave to their brain’s programming. In this situation, you do not have much freedom or control over your thoughts.  Mainly because the excess pace and energy of the mind dictates everything you think, say and do.


The terminator started as a machine programmed to kill. Later in the movies it developed awareness and consciousness as it spent more time with humans

The Terminator movies show how a killing machine grows to understand the value of human life.  In the later films, it develops free will and choice.  In sum, the movies mirror how humans move from a low level of awareness to being fully awake.


What is personality?


On the whole, your personality is the blend of all the character traits that make you unique.  In short, these include all parts of your thinking mind as well as physical and social make-up.

The human mind has many qualities that allow it to express itself.  For the most part, these are inherent and also shaped by your early programming.

It’s important to note that each person’s brain has a natural setup with a mixture of its own features.  In any case, this makes a person’s mind and brain individual to them.  On account of this, everyone has their own type of core personality.

The purpose of having a personality is to give the mind a chance to know itself.  In light of this, you must have different contrasts, balances and ongoing change.  For this reason, no part of your mind or persona is rigid.


The mind always has both light and dark natured traits. Both of which can be reprogrammed.


How does the mind express itself?


In general, the mind tends to express itself by using a range of thoughts and emotions.

Notice how some thoughts group into light natured qualities such as Love, Joy and Courage.  In addition to this, you will sense dark natured areas like Fear, Hate, Sadness and Guilt.  What’s more, the fields of Boredom and Sexuality also play a part in how you think.

As long as you are alive and healthy, your mind has all these qualities.  Not to mention that every person has a different mix and balance in some areas more than others.  To demonstrate this, observe the way two different people think.  On the one hand, someone may be more prone to thoughts of worry and regret (dark natured).  In contrast, the other person can be calmer and less prone to fear (light natured).

No one is exempt from any trait, that is to say, each person has both dark and light natured qualities.  With this in mind, it is not possible to delete or suppress any of these natural assets.


The minds light and dark natured qualities both play out. Balance is when they are on equal terms - both reprogram automatically when you become aware of the way they play out


How do light and dark nature play out within you?


If you look closely, you will notice the light and dark natured qualities of your mind playing out within you.  On the positive side, both features depend on each other to ensure a balanced point of view.  For instance, a life choice such as marriage would bring about thoughts of love as well as fear.

You would feel the love from your partner and also some fear when embarking on such a significant change.  Observing both perspectives and acting from a place of aware wisdom ensures that you have a grounded approach.  As a result, you and your partner create a mutual openness.  In turn, this sets the foundation for a balanced and healthy relationship.

Without a doubt, you are born with a tendency toward certain thoughts more than others.  As you move through life with an attitude of openness and learning, undoubtedly, you will change on all levels.

When change takes place, the parts of your mind programmed since before your birth begin to adapt in response.  In the same way, your genes, neuron cells and memory clear out anything that no longer serves you.  In essence, this is how your entire being evolves through life.


Bringing awareness to any pattern of thought allows your body's intelligence to reprogram it


How do you reprogram your mind?


Do you sense any parts of your mind that you avoid, dislike or try to get rid of?  These are generally dark natured parts such as fear, hate, sadness and guilt.  Thoughts of this nature often create a feeling of resistance, where you do not welcome there presence. Now that you notice these observe the light natured areas such as joy, love and courage.  Thoughts like this are in line with your natural state of being.  However, losing yourself in too much of either light or dark fields can cause an imbalance.

As soon as you become aware of a certain type of thought, it begins to lose its power over you.  From this point, you grow the stability needed to allow both light and dark natures to have their free movement.

Being aware of these qualities, while allowing them to play out in your mind, brings in a natural space.  At this time, you do not need to deny, avoid or try to get rid of any thought.

It is this relaxed state of allowing your mind its movement that reprograms and brings your mind into balance.  Moreover, as you go through this process, you will sense parts of your personality shift.  For example, If your thinking bases on sadness, this becomes balanced with joy.  Overall, this gives you a whole point of view and does not exclude any region of thinking.

It’s simple to reprogram any thought or pattern of thinking – no matter how it got there.  Your body has an intelligence where it always adapts and moves forward.  On balance, this is the same wisdom that animates your body, nature and creates worlds.  In summary, becoming aware of thought is all you need to do for this force to reprogram your mind.




How are your brain, mind and thoughts programmed?

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