Do you need gurus, teachings or religion to dissolve suffering?

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This post helps realise what place teachings, gurus and religion have in becoming free from suffering. It explores the methods of each approach and how they help you live an authentic life. As a result, you realise your place as a unique being that doesn’t depend on any outside crutch.


The purpose of life is to realise your place as a unique being. One that does not depend on any ideal or religion.

The purpose of life is to realise your place as a unique being.


What is the purpose of a guru or teacher?


A teacher or guru serves to provide you with the knowledge to live a healthy, balanced life. By knowing this, you realise yourself as an independent being that considers the wisdom of others. In this state of balance, you can explore various ideas and make wise decisions.

The journey of inner balance is something only you begin and complete. No person or teacher can do this on your behalf. Instead of worshipping such people, debating their skills or believing every word they say, write a list of their pointers. How can you use this knowledge to improve your life? What is the intent behind these teachings? As you explore such questions, your awareness expands. At this point, you choose the insights you wish to apply. Life supports you in this course, but its progress rests on you.

The actions you take and their results stem from your mindset. Who is in charge of your deeds and thoughts? In short, you consider, handle, and choose the decisions you make. If they result in suffering, see them as wake-up calls to become more aware. You then live and learn from your own experience.

Every lesson you learn in life intends for you to develop and balance as a person. As this growth takes place, teachings and pointers help save time. Valuable lessons often take years to grasp, yet you understand the same material in a few weeks with correct guidance. This stage of learning helps you to grow wise in how life works. It’s then easy to witness your mind without its momentum carrying you away. Once you reach this strength, stop searching for life’s answers, put aside pointers and accept life as your guide. On balance, its wisdom leads you through the events you need to become an independent, wise person.


A guru, religion, or teachings serve as guides toward freedom.

A guru or teaching serve as guides toward freedom but cannot start or finish the journey for you.


Why should you stop trying to find life’s answers?


You should stop trying to find life’s answers because such acts tangle you further in your mind. When this happens, it’s easy for outside concepts and beliefs to blur your natural wisdom. Once you understand this, you end the search for answers. In doing so, genuine solutions and inspiration emerge within you.

As you strive for peace, you start by growing aware of your mind. You then enter a conscious state and realise how life’s answers come without struggle. This realisation is when the journey of seeking ends.

To find peace, you must stop searching for it. Such actions pose a challenge because of your mind’s habit of seeking answers and reassurance. To move free from this mental pattern, ask yourself: Why do you search for information? Do you explore facts and news when you sense pain or worry? Is it a means to find relief? Once you find such material, how do you feel? Recognise this manner of seeking and note the brief, addictive high it provides. By witnessing this cycle of behaviour, it ceases to control you. In time, you access the timeless peace within you.

Your mind’s natural condition is free and doesn’t sense any struggle or need to seek solace. In this state, you’re open to life experience providing you pointers. From this mindset, you can study and learn facts from a place of inspiration. Here, your wellness doesn’t depend on any knowledge, and you live as an independent thinker. To reach this freedom, release your struggle to find life’s answers. Instead, allow the solutions to come as you rest in a space of openness. Inspirations to act or follow up on something then arise without effort. In effect, your drive to quash imbalanced thoughts leaves. From this point, your mind finds its natural inspiration.


The mind begins to resolve and find balance when you stop trying to force it to be pure or positive. This means that you must let go of religion.

The answers in life come when you stop trying to search for them.


What is an open state of being? 


An open state of being is where you accept life’s changing nature. Here, you don’t hold to any specific understanding or fact. By doing this, you realise that life is a journey of constant learning. This openness is where you’re welcome to information that arrives, changes and leaves your space.

Your mind reflects life’s uncertain, shifting nature. Once you accept how it moves and changes, your mindset opens. Can you ever know your future thoughts or life events? What happens when you seek certainty, resist change, or force control? Most times, you will sense mental and physical conflict. Witness this when a loss or challenge presents itself. Here, you often take a rigid stance to your thoughts, leaving less room to allow and explore them. Does this stand let the brain flow with life’s drifting nature? As you learn to accept what’s unknown, your mind relaxes as your vision broadens.

The human mind works best when it accepts that understandings and ideas change. This respect ensures you don’t hang on to any material for longer than you need. Such freedom lets go of old knowledge and helps new insights come forth. This open state allows you to work with, rather than against life.

If you need knowledge from earlier times, the challenges of the present bring it out when necessary. For this reason, don’t fear losing valuable lessons and trust that you never forget a valid understanding. Your brain stores any fact that it deems important. When you accept this, you realise how worthless it is to search for answers by digging into the past. Instead, release your efforts over thoughts and attune to the present life flowing in and around you. Once you have this open state, fresh solutions and insights arise without effort.


Teachings open the door but you have to enter by yourself. Religion is one path or option to you.

The nature of the mind and life is one of constant movement.


What is religion?


Religion is a group of beliefs centring on various concepts and ways of life. Its impact shapes the actions of many people today. When you learn how religion works this way, you respect people’s views. This outlook allows you to live a life of balance.

Religions intend to help people how to live and offer answers to questions that perplex them. In short, they cater to those seeking knowledge. Within many faiths, you find stories, poetry and music that ponder over life. These often include advice on conscious living. To appreciate this, make a list of religious teachings that echo your core values. Do such examples help you grow more aware? With this alertness, are you able to act more wise in future? As you meditate on religion this way, you realise its intent to raise consciousness and move people toward greater morals.

The root themes of religion are moral conduct and honesty. In a state of low awareness, your mind can forget these traits. From here, extreme and harmful views arise as the imbalanced ego takes charge. It then attacks and defends those who oppose its stance. You can see this happen during religious wars. Do these show the overall theme of religion? Or imbalanced minds with little awareness? If the mind loses its poise, it can also lose its core traits. Grow wise to this and you develop inner strength and wise conduct.

The true goal of religion is to help you align your mind and life. This aim is hard to keep sight of when your brain and ego have excess momentum. Under these circumstances, aligned religious teachings help you note an inner trait that needs attention. In doing so, they serve their true purpose to awaken the mind. This intent leads you to a balanced life.


Each religion shares the intent to move humans toward higher awareness and balance in the world.

Each religion shares the intent to move humans toward higher consciousness and balance in the world.


Do you need to keep turning to religion for answers?


Once you have a firm base of insight and awareness, you don’t need to keep turning to religion for answers. You also understand that those who use religion seek guidance that’s best for their level of awareness. By learning this, you accept where others are on this journey and move to the next step of letting your mind align.

As your mind grows more aware, you require fewer rules on how to live. Here, your decisions rest on your wisdom and what aligns with the present task. Do you need someone else to tell you how to move, eat, drink, dress, and relate to others? If so, you’re not ready for higher awareness. The reason is that a conscious mind considers each view before deciding its next action. It doesn’t live by rules, books or teachers in a blind manner.

You can observe some traditions, even religious paths, out of choice in a state of balance. For example, you may wish to visit a temple to enjoy an event or feeling of connection with life. In either case, you don’t act from a place of fear, force, or blind conditioning.

Life energy, its intellect and the cosmos existed long before religion. To realise this space, imagine placing religious books in a safe and locking them away. From this point, you no longer refer to any religious teaching or rule. Here, you explore life, learn, and connect with its intelligence yourself. Should everyone live and follow this path the same way? If such notions were true, then why are you unique? The answer is that life creates you this way to express itself. It cannot fulfil this purpose if everybody lives and thinks the same. Such insight helps you accept the path of others and align your mind with inner wisdom.





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