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Good health is the state of being free from illness or injury. 

What’s more, it is the balance of physical, mental and social well-being.

Given these points, I intend to help you become the best and healthiest version of yourself. 

With this in mind, I offer coaching in both health and yoga.

Please feel free to visit my blog.  Where I share insights on balance and philosophy.   

    How I help


    My approach explores all factors that affect your health and guides you to make gradual changes. 

    As a result, you improve every aspect of your life.   


    My style of Yoga combines exercise and relaxation.

    These balance your entire being.  As a result, you will feel both strong and calm.


    My approach to nutrition works toward adding quality, natural, whole foods to your diet. 

    As a result, these nourish the body and mind.  By working with me, you can create your own bespoke nutrition plan. 

    Inner Balance

    Having the right balance applies to all areas of life.  Together we will work to ensure that every factor affecting your health is in balance. 

    In effect, this ensures a life of good health.  

    The latest from the blog

    Are the Earth and Humans continually evolving?

    Are the Earth and Humans continually evolving?

    This post will explain the overall purpose of meditation practice, the steps that you will move through and how this leads to inner balance.  There will also be some detail on starting a practice, recommended length of time and how to move toward the state of ‘Openness.’

    What is the ego and how do you become free of it?

    What is the ego and how do you become free of it?

    This post helps you understand what the ego is as well as how to recognise it within you. You will also learn how the ego survives and gets its fuel from your actions and thoughts.  Once you have this knowledge, you can see through its tricks and allow it to balance. ...

    How do you reprogram both your mind and personality?

    How do you reprogram both your mind and personality?

      This post describes why it's hard to control your mind and thoughts as well as the brains robotic nature.  You will also learn how your personality takes shape and why it exists.  With this intention, you find out about the contrasts of the mind and how they...

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